31 august 2012, first day

Today was my eldest's first day at school; a big day. Though we embraced the out with the old, which he was very much ready for, we were rather guarded over the summer about the in with the new. In these last days though, we've busied ourselves with unavoidable arrangements, trying on uniforms, scouting for friends and checking all sorts of lists. Unlike us he was very relaxed about it, and it all went well with his new class (of a remarkable 14, as they are split into boys and girls). There is a picture on our bedroom of my other half glowing with pride a day after giving birth, with a fuzzy head attached to the breast. Now that little man is just a head below me, firing off texts on his mobile, uploading you tube videos of his first day and patiently reasoning with us about the colour of eggs in a birds nest we found in our garden one day after the wind blew a tree down. This sapling though is strong and well on its way to becoming a tree, although not without the occasional teenage mood. Sigh. A very what do we want from life day, and a proud one.