31 december 2013, a janus moment

A new year and indeed new era begins shortly, and perhaps in preparation I have spent much of the last quiet days back on my family tree (8, 15 september 2013, looking up and been a while), now also taking shape on my study wall. We did have a few days out, with a delightful family visit to cambridge flanked by an afternoon in lincoln, a delicious michelin star lunch and west side story. The major events of the year will be in october, and there's already much to prepare, both for my son (which he is duly getting on with) and for me, which is what I will devote the small remainder of my holiday to, bar some new year party antics. Life feels all rather mature, and a few friends I have recently heard from for the first time in a while suggests I am not alone. Home is a warm place right now and its been a lovely time to enjoy it.