31 january 2014, up, up and away and other chestnuts

After some six years in my current role, I am moving on, although my other half is very happy that for once a change of job isn't bringing intercontinental upheaval. The jt were very interested. I am becoming a director at the manchester airports group. The group is largely owned by greater manchester's local authorities, so there is some follow-through for me, as there is too in the train of thought (or flight of fancy), brilliantly captured in aerotropolis, that sees airports increasingly as centres of global production and enterprise in their own right and so powerful engines of local economic development. Our own airport city may well be an exemplar of the approach. Having just bought stansted, a london airport, its - cliché alert, sorry - an incredibly exciting time to join a group clearly going places. For me its the right set of new challenges at the right time. My seat belt is fastened and I am ready for take off...

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