21 march 2014, end of another era

Yesterday was the first day of spring, and the last day of my new economy era (see 31 january 2014, up, up and away and other chestnuts). Although work insisted on materialising right to the very end (and is no doubt piling up already in my absence, though that is now for my erstwhile successor), I managed, I hope, in my last weeks to pass on some wisdom of the six years I have spent building and managing our little empire, which I hope over that time has done as much good as I think it has. The name came from an odd voting process many moons ago, and wasn't one that anyone wanted, but I do recall our marketing guru of the time telling us it was just an empty vessel and over time it would become known for whatever we put in it. These years later, how right she was. What the organisation does is extremely well-regarded and held up, rightly so, as a model for what every city needs, in the uk at least. I take as a great achievement building and endlessly nurturing the many, varied and ever-evolving team that does what we do and take great pride in what I have now left behind. Monday saw a touching presentation in the office, and the finale last night was drinks and a splendid farewell dinner at my favourite restaurant in the city that I do feel I have now left some mark on.

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