6 october 2014, on the verge

After the most intensive months of preparation, which have speeded up manically over the last weeks and days, we are finally off tomorrow on our big adventure. We first fly to budapest to pick up some of my other half's family and after a night's stopover on to tel aviv for the big event. The warm up is on friday, the main act saturday, followed of course by dinner and a party. I can't quite believe I have a thirteen year old son; these years have really just bunched up we've flitted over them so quickly. I'm very happy to be getting away from it all, and very happy too so many friends and family are joining us for a far bigger gathering than we first imagined. It will though be informal and fun, I hope, and probably a tad emotional, as these things are. Tonight is all packing and last minute preparations, but I think we're set. Life itself (hans christian andersen) is the most wonderful fairy tale. Time doesn't pass (marty rubin), it continues. "What day is it?", asked pooh, "it's today" squeaked piglet, "my favourite day" said pooh.