12 january 2017, somewhere over the rainbow

And so that momentous event of 20 january 2017 has passed: my son's 13th birthday. It has been an all-consuming business, so much so that I have hardly noticed the comings and goings on the other side of the atlantic, or maybe I am still trying denial on for size. Life is busy: home, family, work taking up every nook and cranny of my existence. Late nights, early mornings, hardly a moment for reflection or relaxation, or perhaps all this is in fact relaxation of sorts, or at least enjoyment. Our big event (see and the wonderful) is on is 4th february, around which we have wrapped a whole weekend of friends and family, if not from the 4 corners of the world, then at least from several. This will be the last, though certainly not the least, of a string of joyous occasions in our lives, but with two full-blown teenagers on our hands, I have no doubt we will not be short of events. Our first has his gcse's this summer (o-levels in old money), but the spotlight is on the other for now and I am sure he will live up to the hype and enjoy his next few weeks. As will we.