31 august 2010, belgrade

It's a slow news day at frankal hq. After some two and a half years, I'm going through a treasure trove of stuff from frankfurt, and came across a series of posters I made, which feature, amongst others, the now finnish foreign minister and eu economics commissioner. The photos are my own, and there is a story behind the one of the demonstration, which is when the serbs took to the streets to get rid of slobodan milosovic. I was travelling home overland from israel, and my aunt had given me a warm jacket for the journey. This was long before mobile phones, and it was some days before I spoke to my mum, telling her I was in the beleagured serbian capital. I know, she said, as apparently at the precise moment I took the photo, I was captured by cnn, and the aunt had spotted the jacket. So here's my passions for photography, politics and eastern europe in an instant.

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