20 april 2013, upside down

Whilst preaching that english people need to look again at whether home ownership for everyone is the right model, we are nevertheless forging ahead with improving our own little castle, and have moved out for a few weeks while the builders moved in. Things then are rather upside down, as we split ourselves between two places and try to carry on life as usual, even though everything we want is always in the wrong place. There's suddenly a whole new set of big decisions to make too, all rather rapidly and all on things we are not terribly familiar with - what size radiator, a door where, put how many on the window ? I'm learning a lot about water pressure and the differences a millimetre can make. It's all very exciting though, as we see a big thing unfolding before us and coming together, so far at least, pretty well. Whilst have hardly at all missed having a television, no internet is a real bind and a reason to sneak back to the house sometimes, and of course for a peek at the latest hour's progress, as we see how our romantic vision is actually looking in the real world we'll soon be back living in.