2 august 2013, part 2 with number 1

In a few short hours, the second part of the holiday starts, our regular week by the lake (balaton in hungary), but with a twist. Whilst my youngest and other half are already in budapest, my eldest and I are making a 6am start to get on all manner of manchester transport systems before boarding the 7.55 to london, where a short underground trip to st pancras awaits us, as does a rather longer eurostar one to paris. This will be followed in short order by the tgv to munich, the overnight railjet to budapest and then some central european intercity niceties too as we make our way to our night in the capital before heading off to the country. If nothing else, it will be an adventure, which it already is for the other member of the party, who can't get to sleep from sheer excitement. For me, it is a most wonderful opportunity to spend some one-to-one time with my small baby who before our eyes is becoming a fully-functioning young adult, with reasoned views, the enthusiasm of youth and a sharp wit and intelligence that others can find quite daunting, but I of course take incredible pride in. I just wish we didn't have to leave so very early ! Oh well, all in a good cause.