31 may 2015, copenhalfgone

A busy half-term, with relatives staying from australia, and then we hopped over to denmark for a few days, a first for my other half and the boys. It came on the back of a rather rash promise to visit legoland if my youngest got into the top stream in his new school, which he duly did; we hadn't considered which legoland he meant. We were also inspired by the bridge, and indeed it was a constant theme, as we took the train over it, walked through a new dock development for a sweeping view and then climbed the little-gem rundetaarn tower for an ariel panorama. The other side is malmo, and we also spent a surprisingly interesting day in the other half of greater copenhagen. There were election posters absolutely everywhere, but this was a strictly leisure visit. We ate well, squeezed in the libeskind-designed jewish museum, saw the sights (even the little mermaid) and in the dying hours a tuk-tuk from the new harbour showed us what we'd missed; a refeshing break.