I currently live in britain, at a time when its sustained ability to punch above its weight, economically and diplomatically, is finally ebbing. With the end of irrational exhuberance, the country finds itself in an especially difficult position, when the need is to eat a slice of humble pie and be fleet-footed in recognising that many of the pillars its strengths were built on have collapsed. The need is to recognise other supports and partners and embrace them. I hope to help with that transition.

to (plan) b or not to b

An informative "breakfast briefing" I chaired looked less at a nominal "plan b" that everyone agreed would be the ideal way to go, and more at whether, given the uk's huge debts and intense global macroeconomic twitchiness, it could be carried out without dire consequences. Conclusions, if such they were, that unfortunately growth spending needs carving from current spend, and that there's nothing new under the sun, as this excellent video showed...