22 december 2017, ever-shrinking england goes back to black

Finally a benefit of brexit: uk passports are to change back from boo brussels burgundy to brill british blue. Just don't mention that the uk voted in 1981 to go with burgundy nor is it impossible within the eu for the colour to differ (croatia's is blue). It's not just the pointless gestureishness that grates, but the presumption that going "back" is seen as a good thing. I like my passport, and not for the colour, but because it's like that of my fellow europeans. What next for faragist nostalgia: bring back hanging, shillings & inches ? Nigel really is the most successful politician of our era, riding the tide of anti-elitism into the coves and bays of little-england that have come to define the depressing rolling back of liberalism, openness and general progress that still laps our shores and beyond. My old passport - and its black not garish blue - is chock-full of stamps from my days stomping around europe. Do we really miss having to queue up at border posts to cross from austria to hungary or slipping underpaid border guards a few dollars to get into romania when the train stops at the border for an hour ? Just ten years ago (watch the video) I was lauding europe's seemingly unstoppable progress that where what was once a border fought over with thousands of lives is today a bridge over which without blinking you pass from germany to france. Today may have seen the pushing forward we had hoped replaced by the need for defence of what we've got, but that's just as worthwhile, even and especially back in little olde england. Keep the flame future dwellers, we'll be back !