10 january 2021, oag and out

So, this particular stage of my journey has now come to an end, as I leave oman aviation after a wonderful few years in muscat. I was there as the much-loved but old and dilapidated airport was transformed into the best airport in the middle east, indeed the world's leading new airport, in a totemic sign of the radical transformation of the whole country in 50 short years. I have made many friends here, at oman airports, oman air, transom, and of course the group, so many more I have worked with at various ministries, agencies and especially the private sector, the country's future. Aviation and tourism in oman may be down, but they are not out. The cliches about the omani people being so warm & welcoming are true and the tourist offer is so good, the calm, the vastness, the magic, that it will come good, and with projects like the astounding oman botanical gardens still to come, it must be that tourism & aviation in oman has a bright future. That though will be for another time and another team. Meanwhile, we will be staying around until the end of the school year and trying to make the most of our time here.