I have a complex relationship with israel. On the one hand, I am on the barricades, enraged at the wilful strangling of palestinian life that builds up so much hatred and future destruction, that kills, that maims and that sucks away any possibility of hope for a better life, the only thing that can ever bring peace. On the other hand, I come from a jewish background, strongly supportive of the state, have worked in the country, and have both friends and relatives there who are part of what in many ways is a wonderful society. What to do?

The purpose of this page is to answer that question.

once upon a time...

...israel applied to join the eu, or the common market as it was then; and no, I'm not making it up. Today america is the great protector and europe ever more characterised in israel as anti-semitic and in the throws of a houellbebecq-style transformation to eurabia. A snapshot of how it came to this.

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the non-love that dare not speak its name

Playing the cantankerous uncle that should probably be confined to the cellar, I try again to raise the question about the jewish community supporting israel in all weathers, even when there is no fixing of the roof while the sun shines, making the current unacceptable arrangements harden like concrete...

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no going back ? a retrospective

A compilation of the various blogs I've written on this hardest of questions. Since starting them in 2009, we seem only to have gotten far, far further away from peace. In refusing to choose between a one-state solution, a two-state solution or the rotten and soul-destroying status quo, the latter is increasingly reinforced...

and the wonderful

We returned to israel to squeeze all the positives into the wonderful occasion of our eldest's barmitzvah, which lived up to its high billing (see 20 october, we made it!). As did this kindest and most luscious side of israel which has so many good sides, that together for these few days we drew on and appreciated wonderously. This is a taster...

a temporary roof

This short article reflects on a history of wandering and warns against fetching upon shores like england's only to turn our backs on others that follow us, as was wonderfully illustrated in the old arik einstein short about the waves israeli immigrants. Not all who wander are lost.

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how we made the fatal mistake of not talking to hamas

Making hamas an international pariah after it won the indisputably free and fair palestinian elections of january 2006 was understandable for israel, but unforgiveable for america and europe, who laid the foundation of the conflict that later unfolded in gaza and still smoulders today. This article, written during the 2006 lebanon conflict, traces the way that decision was taken, and how the dynamics of america, europe and israel continue to play out.