I have a complex relationship with israel. On the one hand, I am on the barricades, enraged at the wilful strangling of palestinian life that builds up so much hatred and future destruction, that kills, that maims and that sucks away any possibility of hope for a better life, the only thing that can ever bring peace. On the other hand, I come from a jewish background, strongly supportive of the state, have worked in the country, and have both friends and relatives there who are part of what in many ways is a wonderful society. What to do?

The purpose of this page is to answer that question.

and the wonderful

We returned to israel to squeeze all the positives into the wonderful occasion of our eldest's barmitzvah, which lived up to its high billing (see 20 october, we made it!). As did this kindest and most luscious side of israel which has so many good sides, that together for these few days we drew on and appreciated wonderously. This is a taster...