I have a complex relationship with israel. On the one hand, I am on the barricades, enraged at the wilful strangling of palestinian life that builds up so much hatred and future destruction, that kills, that maims and that sucks away any possibility of hope for a better life, the only thing that can ever bring peace. On the other hand, I come from a jewish background, strongly supportive of the state, have worked in the country, and have both friends and relatives there who are part of what in many ways is a wonderful society. What to do?

The purpose of this page is to answer that question.

no going back ? a retrospective

A compilation of the various blogs I've written on this hardest of questions. Since starting them in 2009, we seem only to have gotten far, far further away from peace. In refusing to choose between a one-state solution, a two-state solution or the rotten and soul-destroying status quo, the latter is increasingly reinforced...