Britain is going through a difficult time, when its sustained ability to punch above its weight, economically and diplomatically, is ebbing. The end of irrational exuberance found the country ill at ease with itself, with rising inequalities and unhealthy nationalism, just when it needs to be fleet-footed in recognising that many of the traditional pillars of its strengths have changed. The need is to recognise other supports and partners and find a new common purpose after the pandemic. I live in hope.

the airport, airline and tourism nexus

I spoke at the rather massive passenger terminal conference, held fittingly at the abu dhabi-owned excel centre in london, next to the emirates airline cable car. Talk was on the links between airport (here's me on Oman TV, 6s in) airline and tourism, using our work in oman as a case study in how to optimise outcomes, meaning more high-value tourists for the country (including china), through leveraging and co-ordinating the different things these parties can bring to the table

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